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Avaleht Foorumid ENG – Introduction ENG – Pavement; LWD Vastus teemale: ENG – Pavement; LWD


Some ideas to improve Dynatest LWD
– external connectors needed only for external sensors – load cell and central deflection cell could be connected directly inside the electronic box, or from behind the box
– connector type should be mechanically more reliable
– on top of main block there is message, that do not use w/o foam buffers – better to state here, which buffers where – and, especially for research purposes, the relation is NOT with selected weights but applied loads (kN)
– bluetooth connector stability still to be improved (somehow it works better than earlier, but would like to have easier reset functionality without need to restart LWD application
– maybe, the transport wheels can be directly installed to main unit – this has already been done in some competitors devices, assembling the carriage is rather slow process
– transport box to redesign, so the modified LWD (3032) fits into box w/o disconnecting the connectors
I suppose, if client has several devices, it is possible to calibrate same set of external sensors to several LWD devices
Question of calibration – it basically is check in controlled conditions, on fixed surface – is it possible to do the check by the client, sending result to office and if everything is fine, no need to transportation of device, certificate may be released electronically. However, there is need to assess conditions of buffers, when new buffers have to be ordered. On any mechanical or electronical problems, the maintenance is anyways required

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